Food Intolerance Test - Lorisian 150plus

Food Intolerance Test - Lorisian 150plus


Lorisian is Europes’s leading provider of scientifically proven food intolerance testing programmes. Food Intolerances can be the cause of serious medical symptoms but can also have a major impact on how our bodies perform.When our bodies are working hard to achieve a physical goal it makes sense to ensure that the food we are eating is working with us – not against us.


Taking the test is straight forward, with no need to visit Lorisian's laboratory.

The results will be with you within 7-10 days.
The Lorisian 150plus test is a full diet analysis covering a wide variety of food and drink ingredients including.


- Wheat, gluten, yeast, egg whites and egg yolk.
- Animal milks including cow, goat and sheep.
- 12 different grape varieties.
- Herbal teas including green tea and rooibos (red bush tea)
- 25 different herbs and spices
- A wide variety of meat and fish
- And more than 100 other ingredients.


A Lorisian food intolerance test can help you optimise your diet to achieve your goals.


The benefits of testing for food intolerances
Lorisian work closely with many sports and fitness professionals who recognise the
potential effects that food intolerances have on performance – many of whom
introduce food intolerance testing right at the start of any fitness or weight loss
regime in order to ensure that their client’s diet is at its optimum right from the start.


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“ When I was competing as an amateur boxer along with other competitive sports, I suffered from a wheat intolerance which literally floored me, but once I’d identified that wheat was causing the problem - and cut it out of my diet - I was fighting fit again!
Working as a professional trainer, I recommend that all my clients take a Lorisian food intolerance test before they begin their personal training ”

Paul Robb, personal trainer and former amateur boxer. FX Leisure