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Personal Training & Nutrition Plan

Since working with Don, I have seen a tremendous improvement in my overall health. I am ‘Type 2 Diabetic’ and right from the beginning things started to improve, the results of my last blood test were excellent, my Hba1c had practically halved from 93 mmol to 52 mmol and blood sugar levels are within the normal range, down from 15 to a regular 5.3; my doctor is more than happy and now looking into reducing my ‘meds’ in the hope that eventually I may come off them altogether.

This is one of the best decisions I have made starting this programme and would highly recommend this to anyone who wants to improve their health. Don has been inspirational to me and given me the knowledge and motivation to carry on with this journey and lifestyle change forever more. You sometimes need that extra help, and I found with ’Don’, he is always there to help, reliable, and I feel genuinely wants to help you achieve your goals. It’s not always been easy but I will just keep going until I’m there!!

I’d also forgotten how good exercise can make you feel.

Thank You Don.

Linda Swallow

Linda Swallow

Nutrition Plan

European Karate Champion


After a long period away from competition, the help and guidance that I have received from Don Gordon and Elite Wellness has been extremely beneficial! After a short period of time I can already notice the benefits as an athlete of such nutritional help, in particular in competition. Not only can I feel a difference; my knowledge regarding nutrition has also improved which will enable me to further improve a vital factor affecting athlete performance.

I highly recommend Elite Wellness, not only for athletes, but for anyone who is interested in improving their health and reaching their goals!

Emma Lucraft

12 week Lifestyle Programme

Gill Walters
I’ve known Don for some years, so when I decided to lose some weight, especially from my hips he was the obvious choice for help. I was also concerned about my level of fitness and stamina which was also an issue for me.
After an initial consultation we agreed on a personally constructed eating plan with exercises taking into account various food intolerances which did the trick.
I reduced three dress sizes in three months and the food plan and portions sizes were just right and suited me well and I never felt hungry! The exercises have helped me with a certain amount of improvement in co-ordination and his patience helped assure me that I could actually do all the exercises with increases levels of confidence. I’m continuing with the exercises every morning, which is maintaining the improvements and I am still please to the reflection in my new clothes! Having tried exercise routines from books in the past, I’ve seen what a difference having a patient adviser with a sense of humour can make so I’ll continue to consult Don in the future.

Peter  Walters
I had known Don for some while, but felt that I was getting far too heavy and out of condition, so I decided it was time to use his services. I set myself the goal of reducing from 13st to 11st along with improving my general fitness.
Don set me a series of food plans and exercises, with which I achieved my weight goal in three months and I have stabilised at that weight since then. I find no trouble in sticking with the eating plan Don has set me as they clearly work and many of the dishes are delicious. I find very little temptation to go back to my old way of eating which is great.
I manage to do the exercise routines before work in the morning and generally enjoy doing them although a couple are not quite to my liking, nevertheless I do feel the benefits. I can genuinely say that I both look and feel better and I’m sure I would not have achieved these results without Don’s help.

Congratulations to husband and wife team - The biggest losers 2014!
3 stone each 3 dress sizes smaller loads of inch loss and much more.

Gill and Peter Walters

Personal Training & Nutrition

Hi Don (our fab trainer),

The menus were very useful guidelines and the recipes were a smart idea. The workouts have helped so much, we now know exactly what to do and we can incorporate that into our everyday lifestyle and when we see you in 3/4months times you will see a massive difference in our physical appearance and it's all down to you so thank you very much. Lastly you are very supportive and that's always nice the way you have interacted with us is great you have taught us so much, you are honestly an amazing personal trainer/life coach - thank you for the shake I don't feel bloated at all after lunch I feel great and I know I will start seeing more results soon.

Well the above are great testimonies - I for one have enjoyed a change in lifestyle, healthier and more conscious living :) You are mentally and spiritually amazing and I do feel we are on a journey; one which we all hope will not end here as we do not feel conclusively that we have reached our goals.


Chrissy, Joel and Pauline :) xo

Claire 'mojo' Burton - Miami Pro Winner

I have had the pleasure of knowing Don Gordon for a number of years and our paths have crossed on a number of different occasions, be it training together or I have sought Don's expertise to assist and support my own training goals.


Most recently, I decided to enter the Figure Category for Miami Pro, which is a natural fitness modelling and bodybuilding federation.  My training has always been aerobic based, whether running, swimming, biking or martial arts. Of course, I now had to spend time in the gym lifting weights!  My trainer put me through my paces once a week with a legs, calves and glutes session.  He devised a programme that meant I had three additional sessions targeting the remaining body parts. It was tough going and as a part time Fitness Coach, I had my own classes to teach on top.  The 12 Week Prep for the competition also meant a strategic reduction and balance in macronutrient intake, whilst maintaining the same activity levels.  In fact, closer to the competition, those activity levels were increased with extra cardio sessions.


My trainer advised taking fish oils, Vitamin D3 and a good Multi Vitamin to support my body in coping with the intensity of my training.  So of course, I turned to Don for his input.  Don explained in more depth the support function, together with the most effective way to take these essential vitamins and recommended/provided the necessary products. Don's advice and input were invaluable in ensuring I remained in good health throughout.


I am proud to say that I placed first in the Figure Category in my first competition and, once again, I am grateful to Don for his help and support.  



Claire 'mojo' Burton

Nutrition Consultation

I found Don Gordon very knowledgeable for my time of life right now. At this junction in my life I needed to know where I was going wrong with my daily food intake and really understand the correct foods for me.
Don has given me the right amount of information to understand the foods that agree and disagree with my body. I thank him for helping me to understand my daily nutrition needs in a down to earth way
An experience that I have recommended to others. Thank you Don

Jennifer Jacques

12 Week Lifestyle Plan

I have found Don`s plan easy to follow and have lost a stone and lots of inches already. The exercise plan Don worked out for me has really started to work and with lots of encouragement I feel fitter and healthier and plan to keep going forward. I would highly recommend Elite Wellness and I am so glad I booked a course with Don.

Sharon Insole

Sports Plan


I have been working with Don for a year now and didn’t realise how much benefit it would have on my sport. I represent England on the senior England Karate Team
and also teach karate full time.

I used to believe that it was a luxury to work with someone like Don, but I just wish I had done it sooner. Just a few little changes to my diet and some sound advice and support over the year have resulted in major changes. I now have more energy to train and when I compete I can remain at a high tempo for longer.
My weight hasn’t really changed, but what I have noticed is more lean muscle and less body fat. These changes have made me feel good on the inside and the results have improved the outside.

My coach always used to say “Look Good, Feel Good! Fight Good!” and that is what this has help me achieve, including winning the National England championships in 2012.

The advice and help Don has given me has helped me help my students and the clients I train personally.
Thanks for all your help.


Daniel Hollister - England Karate Team

Personal Training Plan

Since starting the personal training with Don in 2012, I have gained so much confidence about conducting exercises at various levels. Don`s approach is particularly tailored to my needs, avoiding a blanket approach which I believe would have caused me to terminate the programme at an early stage.

I have grown to have a deeper appreciation for the importance of a healthy lifestyle which in essence is a total package including diet, exercise, happiness, positive affirmations and exercising faith in ones abilities.

I have lost weight, feel more toned and fitter. I am grateful to Don for his assistance, support and patience during the programmes.

Evette Roberts

12 week Lifestyle Plan - 2012


I decided to do the 12 week lifestyle plan with Don at the beginning of August, when I was diagnosed with diabetes, I was told I could try to treat it with diet and exercise, or I could be placed on tablets for life. So I had a lot of motivation for the plan to work. I have tried many other weight loss programs, but with Dons help and support this has been the best by far.


Don’s encouragement and help with recipes and the exercise plan has made the weeks enjoyable and fairly easy. He has taught me that just a few changes to your routine can make all the difference.


The weight loss and improved flexibility have also helped greatly with my back and joints, I have suffered with back problems for years and was already seeing Dr James for this before starting the plan, together they have made life more pain free and the added bonus is I am now more confident in myself too.

Elaine Dooley

12 week Lifestyle Plan

I went to Don initially for intolerance testing, convinced there was a medical explanation for my inability to lose weight! I expected to find I had wheat intolerance at the very least as I felt constantly bloated. The only thing I was actually intolerant to was broccoli! The one thing I thought was ‘good’ for me!

After this revelation I decided I needed some support with nutrition and an exercise plan so committed myself to 12 weeks lifestyle plan with Don. From the beginning Don was easy to talk to and made me feel relaxed and comfortable enough to confide my struggles with weight and related negative and critical thinking about myself.

My initial goal was weight loss but I actually gained so much more than that…

The fitness element pushed me to do things I didn’t believe I could – for instance I would never have contemplated running full stop, so when Don had me running uphill I knew something was changing!

He kept the sessions varied and interesting and never gave up on me, even when I felt I was not achieving my targets.

I never did reach my weight loss goals as I still have the tendency to sabotage myself but I have gained the awareness and belief that I can and will if I put the action in.

Don has given me more confidence in what I can do and my fitness levels have increased – I can run for a bus now and I have built muscle and found that I actually enjoy pushing myself and get a buzz out of exercising and achieving the goals I set myself around that.

Most importantly of all I enjoyed my time with Don, we shared laughter and difficulties, he always made time for me – my experience of Don is that he is so passionate about helping that he gives 110% of his time and energy to every client. He was also very reliable, never cancelling a session and very encouraging and motivating.

I am only letting him go because I am moving away but I will keep his words of wisdom, food and exercise plans and motivating voice with me as I continue my journey of self discovery…

Jayne Drewett

Karateka - Nutrition Consultation

My biggest challenge was building up stamina and keeping hydrated, I do karate 2/3 times a week and a karate based aerobics class 2 times a week. I still have the odd day where my focus/concentration is not good, but then I’ve not stuck to my regular diet, also feeling tired too early in the day again due to poor diet.
Once I was advised on my diet - taking in fresh fruit/vegetables making sure that the acid levels were not too high, taking them in as smoothies/juice, fruit, yoghurts, reducing red meat, increasing oily fish, it really did make a hell of a difference on not just how I felt physically/mentally, but also how I looked - friends and family were commented that I looked healthy, my skin looked good, my weight ok.

I know I don't stick to a constant diet program all the time however Elite Wellness has educated me that there are some basics I must stick to and that is keeping myself well hydrated, increasing that, depending on the level of training I’m doing each week. Nutrition is important and I can get a lot out of the fresh smoothies, oily fish and the least amount of red meat as possible - also I try not to eat after 7pm!

Anyone looking to try Elite Wellness - well worth trying, I think I originally went to see Don about 4 years ago... I’m still going along to pick up my fish oil supplements (lemon flavour) and advice whenever I need it.

Shaida Khaliq

12 Week Lifestyle Programme

Gradually, over the years I piled on the pounds. Working all day, I felt it was too much effort to go out, exercise, or even cook, so I used to get home, sit on the sofa, turn on the TV and order a takeaway.
Of course, I’d tried many a diet over the years, some good results, but after losing a stone or so, I would start to stray and have the odd takeaway, and before long, I'd put back on what I had lost and more.

I’d gone from a size 14 to 18, and promised myself there and then that there was no way I’d let myself purchase a size 20. I needed more than a once a week weigh-in, I needed help, guidance and encouragement. That’s where Don came in. He taught me that it’s not about being on a ‘diet’ it’s about making changes to your lifestyle and everyday eating habits. Making the right choices and living by the 80:20 Rule, you can stick with it and achieve the results you really desire.

Together with eating the things and exercise the weight started to fall off. Don started with light exercise, after all I hadn’t been off the sofa for years. It was exhausting after 10 minutes, but he knew how far to push me, without putting me off exercise completely. I actually started to enjoy exercise so I joined my local gym, starting with easy aqua-robics. I am now hooked and go to the gym 5 days a week- it gets me out of the house and stops me sitting in front of the TV with a chocolate bar.

There were times when I thought it wasn’t working, for 5 weeks, I hadn’t lost any weight and began thinking, how can that be, I’m working out 5 times a week and I’m not seeing results? But Don told me to stick with it, changing the routine and telling me that my ‘body shape’ was changing and it was NOT all about the scales and weight loss. Then one week later I got on the scales and had lost 4lb, all of a sudden, so Don was right. Stick with it and the results will come!

I’m now at the end of my second 12 week Plan and have lost 2 and a half stone, over 11% body fat and more than 65 centimetres.
I know you always hear this saying, but believe it, if I can do it so can YOU!

Stop saying, I’ll start next Monday and pick up the phone and ask for help and guidance.

Jane Kingston

6 Week Core Stability Plan - Aged 68

After two 6 week sessions on your core stability programme, thanks Don for bringing my body back to life! There are parts of my body now moving which haven't moved for many years. In addition, I have so much more energy and I'm sleeping better.

I feel it is essential to continue with the programme and look forward to more challenges with the TRX Suspension Trainer – what an excellent piece of equipment this is.

Steve Brown

Valerie Bacon

About a year ago I was diagnosed as borderline diabetic. This was a big shock to me as I have always been very healthy.

I knew I had to do something about it so I began eating healthier, but not dieting. I also started to go the gym upstairs with Don. He teaches me at my own pace. We started off gently and increased the intensity as I got fitter.

Nothing is too difficult and is a lot of fun. I really enjoy it.

Thanks to Don, I have lost weight, I am a lot fitter and look much better.

Most important though, my blood sugar level has gone back to normal. It can be done.

Valerie Bacon

12 Week Lifestyle Programme

In 2009 i decided i needed to change my lifestyle and become healthier and fitter, after years of abuse to my body through eating, drinking and virtually no exercise!!

My starting weight was 16 stone 12 pound!! and i struggled to find a picture of me at that weight as i would avoid a camera at all costs! I did have one picture of a Christmas night out from 2008 but i hated it so much i shred it lol, now i wished i kept it!! I joined a gym and started cycling and
changed the way i ate, i started to lose weight gradually and then in February 2010 decided i needed to start running. I couldn’t even make it to the end of my road, so started off as a jog/walk, gradually getting further the more i run. I was soon running further not fast (I’m no Mo Farrah) 5k, 10k, 10mile and by September 2010 i run the Run To The Beat Half Marathon. Never in a million years did i ever think i would do that. I then decided i needed to start swimming in order for me to achieve my goal of taking part in a triathlon :). By this time i had lost 2 ½ stone and then in October 2010 due to various injuries and illnesses my exercise programme came to a halt for about five months!! My back was aching and so returned to Dr James for some much needed care, which led me onto Don Gordon and his 12 Week Lifestyle Programme in June 2011. I took Dons K-Test which threw up some mind blowing results, things i thought i was doing correctly for my diet and eating healthily actually weren’t correct and the test showed my body was sensitive to certain foods which i should try to stay away from! So with a few nutritional adjustments from Don and a few recipes to try out (i think he thinks I’m Jamie Oliver lol) my eating habits changed again for the better, and along with his personal training regime each week i began to get back to where i was and losing weight again :). At the end of my 12 Week Lifestyle Programme Don measured my results, strength and endurance were up and weight, waist and chest sizes and body fat percentage were all down.

In my 12 weeks with Don:-

- I’ve lost a STONE in weight
- 7 cms of my chest
- 7cms of my waist

And i am now leaner, stronger and fitter than ever
I took part in four triathlons this year and the 1 mile Great London swim, so just goes to show with hard work, dedication and the right help, dreams do come true :) , i even took part in the Lakeside Triathlon with Don! Yes he beat me, maybe one day lol

My journey still continues and I’ve now signed up for another 12 Week Personal Training Programme, so each week i now look forward to Don’s session and hopefully before Christmas i will have hit the 4 Stone loss mark and be under 13 Stone.
Onwards and Upwards (or should that be downwards lol), Cheers Don.

Steve :)

Stephen Easley

12 Week Lifestyle Programme

I made an appointment to see Don and told him how I wanted to lose weight, but more importantly wanting to change my sedentary life. He put me on his Lifestyle Plan. The very first visit I could not believe or should I say, I could believe just how unfit I was. After the warm up I thought God I’m knackered, and this was just the start. Bike next could only manage 5 minutes but really wanted to give up after 2. I could hardly believe that after that first session how tired I felt but surprisingly how much I enjoyed it. It has now been 8 months and I am now on my third course. I have got stronger, I have lost some weight and feel happy that I am doing something. I shall carry on seeing Don for the foreseeable future. My son also started with Don and is doing well. I would recommend anyone who is in any doubt about exercise to see Don, he will give you lots of encouragement that you can achieve what you feel is impossible. • Weight loss, 2.0% Fat loss, 19 cms loss or 7.5 inches around the middle, • More vitality, Better flexibility & Co-ordination, • Increased muscle strength and tone, • Improved cardio vascular capacity

Janet Cordery

12 Week Lifestyle Programme

Three months ago I weighed 24 stone.  I couldn't walk 10 yards without having severe back pain.
I couldn't sleep at night, which resulted in me being tired and lethargic during the day.
My fitness level was zero, I was becoming depressed and I felt I was in real trouble- my health was deteriorating rapidly.

Then I met Don Gordon, who I can honestly say probably saved my life.
He put me on an Elite Wellness Lifestyle Programme.  He changed my Diet, started me eating healthy with his delicious meal plans and visited me once a week to start me off on a training programme which suited me.  

The results after 3 months have been simply fantastic! I lost 3 stone in weight, climbed Mount Snowdon, and now exercise every day and feel so much better in myself.

So thanks Don You saved my life!
•    3 stone weight loss  
•    3.0% Fat loss, 27.5 cms loss or 10.8 inches around the middle
•    More vitality, Better flexibility
•    Increased muscle strength
•    Improved cardio vascular capacity
•    Relieved back condition

Tony Thake

NYR Organic Home Consultant

I was so pleased with my results and was very happy with my decision to do the 6 week plan;

I was hoping it would give me a good kick start to a healthier me and it far exceeded that!

The menu’s were tasty and fairly easy to prepare within my busy work schedule and although I did fall off the wagon a few times I still managed to get with the plan and still managed to achieve some good results.

I would recommend the 6 week plan for anybody who wishes to give their diet and lifestyle a makeover.

You quickly learn how to prepare some nutritious meals and how far you can push your body with the exercise routines; which you can easily do at home too.

Paula Clayton

Assistant England Karate Coach

Post Operation Recovery...

I was looking to make a full recovery and return to fitness after a hip operation.

In my role, which involves coaching and training elite karate athletes, return to the active arena as soon as possible, without complications, was a priority, in addition to maintaining a successful rehabilitation programme.

To help me achieve this I consulted with Elite Wellness nutrition specialist Don who set out a nutritional protocol, including supplements to aid my recovery. This enabled me to not only return to full fitness, but do so within an impressive time frame. As a result, I regularly recommend him to our squad and group members, who are looking to get results, safely and effectively.

Greg Francis