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England Squad Member. Commonwealth Gold Medalist, British Champion


With Herbalife products and advice from Elite Sport Nutrition, I now have a strategy in place to strengthen and maintain stamina and recovery levels.


Paul Abel

British Individual Cadet Champion

Since getting good nutritional advice from an Elite Sport Nutrition Seminar
I have begun build a programme with certain products to aid my hydration and recovery - the results have been very effective.

Kerry Gunn

British Junior Champion, English Junior Champion. Junior Bronze medalist European Championships 2006 Serbia and Montenegro

I found the tips on hydration from Elite Sport Nutrition to be invaluable. Now I don’t get as thirsty at competitions having changed my choice of drink to Go Electrolyte – it also helps to keep my energy levels topped up. My recovery is now much faster and effective, with the Herbalife Formula One plus I don’t get the same degree of muscle soreness after training or competition.

James Steadman

England Squad Member British Champion, English Champion, AMA International Champion, Commonwealth Team Gold Medallist

Herbalife products have enabled me to gain a higher level of fitness, superb natural weight loss. Elite Sport Nutrition have helped me to be more selective in what and when I drink in order to maintain mental focus through training and competition.

Chris Blenman

Irish International Karateka

Basically I used the Herbalife Formula 1 to replace one or two meals per day and had little snack of dried fruit or nuts and seeds, with a sensible evening meal for around three weeks . I also supplemented with a Herbalife Formula 2 high grade multivitamin and mineral complex. This allowed me to slot perfectly into my under 60kg weight category. This was the fighting weight I felt most comfortable with - the amazing thing was, I had no loss of power or stamina!

Lauren Campbell

Marie Curie Breast Cancer Moon Walk in Summer 2008

Susan set a goal to complete the all night marathon with the help of a balanced nutritional plan along with a consistent exercise regime. Her results were simply outstanding.

Here’s what Susan says “ I thought I was going to be taking painkillers every month for the rest of my life until I was introduced to natural herbal supplements– with no side effects. I have now lost over half a stone and completely changed my approach to nutrition and lifestyle — No more diets for me! ”

Susan Smith

London Adidas women's 5K Challenge

I would like to thank you for the help and advice you have given me. I wouldn't have done it if you had not explained to me the need to have a goal. I am going to look for a bigger one now.

Donna Mantey

Sprinter & Heptathlete

Heidi was lacking the all important ingredient in her training that was keeping her from reaching her optimum potential, nutrition. Historically she had been plagued with injury and several food intolerances that were compromising her nutrient intake. Still managing to compete but certainly not at her best. We addressed her daily food intakes and talked around the need for the introduction of increased complex carbohydrate, along with particular fluids that could be tolerated. This involved the completion of several food diaries with the identification of allergies and suggestions for alternative food types and supplements in order to increase the required level of intake, to meet a six day weekly training regime. After a year Heidi has seen a marked improvement in recovery levels, reduction in cramps and overall performance gains in competition and training. Heidi uses Torq bars and Taut hydration.

Heidi Nicholas

England Karate Squad Member – elite athlete

I have been working with Elite Sport Nutrition for over two years now and have found that now, I hardly have to concern myself with what I take and when, because all the guesswork has been eliminated which allows me to concentrate on other areas of my performance.

Alton Brown

Personal Training

Being a personal trainer and having knowledge in nutrition may mean to some people that I do not need nutritional advice, but I believe there is always more to learn and that we all need a mentor and someone to discuss our wellness goals with to keep us on track.

I am pleased that I have chosen Don who is an athlete, who works with athletes and who is passionate and truly walks the talk.

After the results of my k-test I have put into practice the recommendations from Don including taking various supplements that he has prescribed and eating less meat protein and more plant based protein and my energy levels are higher than ever.

This journey has proved valuable not just on a personal level but I can pass this knowledge and experience on to my own clients and that has to be a good thing.

Sharon Mercieca

12 week Lifestyle Programme

I started seeing Don Gordon in the beginning of April 2010 because I needed a lot of help with my weight. Dr James had already helped me a lot with chronic back and hip pain. However, there were several times when I would be collapsed in tears because I couldn't shift myself around on the chiropractic table. I was still in a lot of physical pain, and I knew it was related to my emotional and stress-related eating. I also knew that, after a lifetime of dieting and weight struggles, that I didn't have the strength or desire to stop. I had truly given up on myself. "

In my first session with Don, I discovered right away that there was something different about him. He had a very gentle approach and I slowly learned that he works with a person from whatever level they are, while having the ability to see them as they should and could be. I sensed right away that he truly cared about what happened to me, much more than I did. l During the last few months, I have often come to a session having been far from perfect, expecting a disappointed look on his face. But he was always right in there revealing a positive aspect to things and always reminding me to have a fresh start.

Although I am continuing on a regular basis with Don, I have just come through his 12-week Lifestyle/Wellness plan. Aside from the 10kg weight loss, I have joined a fitness club, my progress with Dr James has been turbo-charged, and -- a big one -- I have learned that it is all a battle in my mind.
I think the reason Don is so good at what he does is 1) he actually cares about the people who have put their trust in him, and 2) he helps you find the motivation within yourself to turn things around. He has empowered me to find the motivation within myself to care about myself again. This is a gift, and I am so grateful.

Joanna Mattison

Wellness Plan – Core Stability

I have been on Don’s Wellness Plan since April and have lost a total of 10 inches without dieting.

I am much stronger, leaner, more flexible and have loads more energy now.

I have also gone down two dress sizes too – all thanks to Don.

Thanks for all the support.

Shelley Hansford

12 week Lifestyle Programme

" Due to a back injury I had to have a total turnaround of my lifestyle. For the first time in my life I had to pay attention to my eating, drinking and exercise; and I started taking vitamins and supplements. Before the injury I took everything for granted, and paid no attention to my health. My initial thought was to do it until I was better, then stop treatments. After a while I realised that it made a difference in the way I felt. Also I was not the only one that noticed the change, so I decided to change my living habits permanently. In order to do this, I turned to Don for help.

In the four months I have been working with Don, there has been a big impact on my overall health. He is patient, caring, positive, funny and encouraging, He really goes out of his way to help, and I never get the feeling I cannot do it.

Because of Don`s coaching and advice, I now realise that my decision to change my lifestyle was worth it, and I will always pay close attention to my health.

The results have been outstanding and if anybody asks, I will always recommend Don Gordon for help and advice. "

Andrea Spitz

12 week Lifestyle Programme

I recently completed the 12 week Lifestyle Plan and wish to encourage others to sign up.

My fitness level has improved dramatically; weight loss has been slow but sure (probably because I tweaked my eating plan too much – sorry Don, I’m not a fan of oatcakes!)

A gym workout is now part of my daily life. Although I don’t love exercise, I love the changes it is making to my body (middle age spread is slowly disappearing).

I have always loved walking. Now I can enjoy a long walk without the aches and pains that used to arrive the next day.
It took several weeks for the changes to happen to me so my thanks to Don for his encouragement to keep with it.

I am now beginning a 6 week course of one-to-one personal training so I look forward to further improvement.

Susan Jennings